Friday, June 18, 2010


 Pine Glen is a school where teachers not only educate but embraced students with empathy and care every day. The goal at Pine Glen is to promote student growth and develop lifelong learners.  
The fifth grade Moving Up Ceremony was last night.   It was a great celebration and throughout the evening we saw representations of student growth both academically and socially. 
I again wish to thank the fifth graders for being such terrific role models for all the students at Pine Glen and remind them that they will always be part of the Pine Glen Community.  I wish them the best of success on their continued learning journey.   


  1. Dear Mr Lyons
    My child is going to first grade this school year. Last year preparation for kindergarten was perfect but we got nothing this year. The only thing we know so far is name of his teacher. We are not sure what to do on the first of school.
    Would you please give us some direction.

  2. On the first day of school teachers will greet children as they arrive from the bus. Students arriving by car will be directed to their teachers. The Student Handbook your child received last year in kindergarten is a great resource to answer your questions. The first day is always filled with excitement and all staff are very empathetic.