Friday, June 4, 2010


Taken from the Pine Glen Handbook - CORI

All prospective employees and volunteers, chaperones, and contractors working on school property, are subject to a CORI (Criminal Offender Records Information) check by the school department. The Burlington Public Schools have been certified by the Criminal History Systems Board for access to all criminal case data including convictions, non-convictions, and pending criminal case information. The Burlington Public School Department maintains a zero-tolerance policy, and any information on the CORI report other than “no record found” will result in the individual being denied employment, volunteering, chaperoning school activities, or working on school property. CORI reports are good for three years from the date of application.

Student safety is priority number one at Pine Glen. It is wonderful to have parent volunteers. Also, staff greatly appreciate having parent chaperones on field trips. Please remember that a CORI can not be processed over night and sometimes a CORI check does not come back for up to two weeks or more. It is understandable that people could forget to submit the paperwork to do a check, however, we can not make an exception. The question one needs to ask is “Would you be o.k. if your son or daughter were on a field trip with someone that has not had a CORI?” When parents send their children to school, it is with the understanding that they will be safe. That is a level of trust we can not break.

Please also come in and check the LOST and FOUND box we have many items, at the end of the month we will be sending the items to goodwill.

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