Monday, February 29, 2016

Burlington Police School Resources: Twitter Account

Burlington Police School Resources now has an official Twitter account.

We need followers @bpdschools

There’s information on youth issues as well as upcoming BPD programs and classes for our Burlington students. The account will be updated frequently so check back often. Even if you don’t use Twitter a lot please consider following us, the higher the number the more we get recognized. Thanks and have a great day!

Officer Steve Cross  
School Resource Officer
Burlington Police Department
45 Center St.
Burlington, MA  01803
School: 781-270-2913
Certified Instructor:
MPTC Level III Instructor

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The growing season starts with Spring shares on March 7. Burlington Presbyterian Church and Farmer Dave’s, a sustainable farm in Dracut, MA, continue to bring locally-grown, fresh fruits and vegetables to the town of Burlington with a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Join to receive your weekly share of freshly-harvested produce available in 4 seasons from March to December. Distribution happens on Monday afternoons at Burlington Presbyterian Church, 335 Cambridge St.  Last year 7,800 pounds of unclaimed produce was donated to the Burlington Food Pantry. For more information about 2016 CSA membership, contact Farmer Dave's at (978) 349-1952 or visit to register.

Third Grade MA Historical Figures Movie

On Wednesday our third graders participated in their "wax museum" where they were dressed as their MA historical figure and presented all of their research as well.  After the wax museum concluded in the morning, the third grade students and teachers, Miss Carney and Mrs. Ardizzoni organized an activity where throughout the day, every student came to the lab in character, and we recorded them.  Students stood in front of the green screen, which had an appropriate background, and they were asked to introduce themselves in character and tell us at least two important or significant events in their character's life.  Please enjoy their video below.  Two iPad apps were used to create the video - Green Screen by Do Ink and iMovie.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Students of the Week

Students of the Week: Thomas Gallagher and Liam Gilligan

Congratulations to Thomas Gallagher and Liam Gilligan for being our Students of the Week. Thomas and Liam have done great work showing appropriate, safe and kind behavior (ASK). Thank you for being role models Thomas and Liam!

Appropriate, Safe and Kind (ASK)

Ms. Zanotti, guidance counselor, and Mr. Lyons do quarterly mini-lessons with with all grades about the importance of being appropriate, safe and kind (ASK). The latest lesson focuses on being an "upstander" and not a bystander. In the picture below fourth graders are learning about "upstanders."

Code Blue Drill

We had a Code Blue practice drill today at Pine Glen Elementary School.  The Burlington Police Department and Officer Cross, our School Resource Officer, had a lot of complements for staff and students.  Officer Cross told everyone that we did a great job!  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fire Drills and Code Blue Drills

Fire Drills and Code Blue practice drills are held periodically during the school year. The purpose of these drills is to prepare children for emergency situations. Fire and Code Blue drills are conducted in conjunction with the Town of Burlington Fire and Police Departments. During a Code Blue drill, police cars might have their sirens on when arriving at the school.   We will be conducting a Code Blue drill this Friday.  A Code Blue procedure will be used when a dangerous scenario impacts the safety of the students. 


Today during my daily walkthrough of classrooms, I took some pictures. The first picture is Mr. Wittbold working with a fifth grader on strategies for dividing decimals by decimals. In the second and third picture you can see Ms. Carney, library media specialist, and Mrs. Aridizzoni, instructional technology specialist, working with fourth graders in Mrs. Visocchi's classroom who are researching national parks. The following picture shows Ms. Mills teaching a guided reading lesson to her first graders. The final picture has Mrs. Hayes also teaching a guided reading lesson to her first graders.

Third Grade Wax Museum

The following pictures are from the 3rd Grade's Massachusetts Biography Wax Museum. I am vey proud of all the 3rd graders and the fantastic work they did researching famous people from Massachusetts.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Today during my daily walkthroughs of classrooms, I took some pictures. The first picture shows Mrs. Potts teaching a guided reading listen with kindergarten students. The next picture shows Ms. Anderson teaching her second grade students how to read non-fiction text in order to produce informative writing. The third and fourth pictures are from Ms. Lane's class were students are learning about explorers and the age of discovery. The graphic organizers used by the students help with vocabulary acquisition and retaining information when reading a textbook.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Student of the Week

Student of the Week: Missy Skehan

Congratulations to Missy Skehan for being our Student of the Week.  Missy has done great work showing appropriate, safe, and kind behavior (ASK).  Thank you for being a role model Missy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pajama Day - Friday, February 12, 2016

Students of the Week

Students of the Week: Joe Withycombe and Dylan Adams

Congratulations to Joe Withycombe and Dylan Adams for being our Students of the Week.  Joe and Dylan have done great work showing appropriate, safe, and kind behavior (ASK).  Thank you for being role models Joe and Dylan!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Burlington All Town Band Concert

Mark your calendars.  Burlington's All Town Band Concert will be held on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 7:00pm.  The event will take place at Burlington High School.