Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dear Members of the Pine Glen Community,

The Blog is updated at times during the week as events may unfold. For example, on Tuesday, October 27th there was an update from the school nurse in regards to head lice. Likewise, the Superintendent’s Blog follows a similar procedure. Regular updates to my Blog will be posted on Friday if not earlier. Please check the Blog regularly for updates after dismissal time on Friday. This is a great way to make sure members of our community are up to date on the latest happenings at Pine Glen School.


John Lyons
Pine Glen School

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  1. Due to the lack of various notifications ie. Pine Glen school bake sale and lack of information on the Turkey trot, other then just the posted date, could you please reconsider the weekly bulletins being send out on paper? Both events are taking place tomorrow and if wasn't from word of mouth through parents and their children, we would not be made aware of the bake sale and no virtually nothing of the Turkey trot, except the date. We, as parents, never missed a beat in previous years when we received the paper bulletin and now I feel as if I am missing out on some school events that are either being blogged late, not at all or not providing sufficient information.