Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coming Attractions

11/20 Parent Conferences…No School Students

11/25 Turkey Trot/ Student Council Bake Sale

11/25 11:30 Dismissal and start of Thanksgiving Break


  1. POSTED info on each of these events earlier in the month would have been helpful. Through my third grader...I have just learned (the night before) Turkey Trot requires a student to sign up and needs to bring in a canned good to participate. I also learned there is a Bake Sale happening and I have to pack money in the backpack. (Girl/Boy Scouts perhaps?) Parents participation is required here and I really think we should be kept more in the "loop" in the future. I miss the green notice on Fridays, it was worth the use of paper!

  2. Please provide more information to the parents in regards to the times that certain events will take place. Unfortunately, providing just a date on your blog, in regards to certain events, such as the turkey trot, does not provide parents enough explaination to the times that the events take place, thus not involving parents in such events. There were no notices sent home regarding this matter as well. Maybe you could reconsider reimplementing the weekly bulletin so parents will not miss out.