Friday, November 13, 2009

Note from the Principal

Engage your child in reading for pleasure to boost skills

If your child gets “engaged” in what he reads, he’ll be more motivated to read and become a better reader.
Being engaged means being totally absorbed. Engaged readers enjoy reading for its own sake. In fact, research from the Center for Applied Special Technology says your child can’t become engaged unless he/she enjoys reading. To make reading more enjoyable:
• Provide a quiet, pleasant place in your home for your child to read. Include shelves for books, a comfortable chair and good lighting.
• Take your child to the library or bookstore. Help her select books that interest her.
• Get your child books related to his favorite movies and TV shows.
• Give your child reading material that’s just for fun—joke books, baseball cards, newspaper comics.
• Let your child subscribe to a children’s magazine. Or join a children’s book club. It’s exciting for your child when these arrive in the mail.
• Let your child stay up later at night to read. She’ll view the extra 15 to 30 minutes of reading time as a treat.
• Continue reading with your child. Inspire him to tackle longer books by reading the first chapter with
Source: Kenneth Shore, The Parents’ Public School Handbook: How To Make the Most of Your Child’s Education, From Kindergarten Through Middle School, ISBN: 0-671-79498-1
(Simon & Schuster).

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