Friday, October 16, 2009

Safety: Security at Drop-Off and CORI’s

The large majority of parents are doing a terrific job in ensuring a safe procedural way for their children to begin the school day.

Please remember not to drop-off students prior to 8:20. Teachers are not on duty. It is not safe to leave your children unsupervised in a parking lot.

At 8:35 the school day has begun. Teachers/staff on duty need to leave their duty assignments and report to their respective teaching spaces. If a car arrives at 8:35 or later, simply park your car and walk your children to the office to sign in. Please do not walk your children to class, this results in a distraction to classroom instruction.

No adult can be in the building with students if they have not had a CORI check. If you are unsure about your CORI being up to date, please call Mrs. Gosselin in the office to confirm. A CORI can be completed at Central Office located at Burlington High School.

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