Friday, October 16, 2009

The Halloween Dance

I am very excited and eager to attend my first Halloween Dance at Pine Glen School. This looks to be a lot of fun. In order to ensure this is a great and wonderful time for all, please help us make this event safe. There is one and only one entrance to the school during this event: the front doors. All other doors - particularly the Fire-Exit doors in the cafeteria - are not to be used. The play structure outside is designed to be used for recess. We do not have sufficient lighting for nighttime and staff to supervise at such activities. Likewise, the doors in the lobby leading out to the structure are not to be opened. Children are under parental supervision for evening and after school events. Students at these events are not allowed to run.

In planning your Halloween costume, please remember that no swords, light-sabers, knives, guns or other violent objects can be brought to school (even play parts of costumes).

Please help me remind parents at the Halloween Dance of the Fire/Safety guidelines. Parents/students who might impede upon the rest of the participant’s terrific and enjoyable evening will be asked to leave the event and be suspended from all future events over the course of the academic year.

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