Friday, October 16, 2009

Principal Notes

It has been an amazing fall. I would like to again just thank all members of the Pine Glen Community (parents, the P.T.O., teachers, fire and police officials) for their continued support. We have put into practice an unbelievable amount of academic researched based practice in a short amount of time. Please pass along and share a thank-you to the teachers at Pine Glen for the hard work they have and will continue to provide. We are the envy of many communities given the fact that we have up and operating a common schedule that has daily built in common planning time for teachers. In addition, we have created a culture through new practices (i.e. drop-off, pick-up, and absentee policy) that holds instructional time has crucial and not to be interrupted. Furthermore, we have a set intervention time with intervention practices and staff to provide them up and going. Our goal is a noble one: to ensure the ALL students are making gains.

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