Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lunch MENU---WEEK OF October 5, 2009 Full Lunch $2.50 Milk $.50

MONDAY---------Chicken Wrap, Potato Puffs, Fresh Fruit, Juice/Milk

TUESDAY--------Taco’s, Corn, Fresh Fruit, Juice/Milk

WEDNESDAY – Turkey on Croissant, French Fries, Fresh Fruit, Juice/Milk

THURSDAY------Pasta w/butter, Fresh Fruit, Juice/Milk

FRIDAY-----------Pizza, Salad, Fresh Fruit, Juice/Milk

AVAILABLE DAILY—Pizza, Bagels, Peanut Butter & Jelly/Fluff, Cereal & Yogurt, Assortment of Snacks & Ice Cream


  1. Question...
    Are BLOG updates posted at random times/days or is there some schedule to it? Thanks

  2. Blog updates are posted with no set schedule. However, many of the updates happen on Friday. This is largely the result of many organizations/groups and the cafe providing the information on Friday. This past Friday Google was down. Google is the provider for this Blog. As a result, some Blog posts could not be posted until Google was back up.