Monday, January 24, 2011


          Thank you very much to everyone who has and continues to follow the safety guidelines for drop-off and pick-up.   These guidelines where developed in conjunction between myself, the Burlington Police and the Burlington Fire Departments.    Past weather conditions have presented us with high snowdrifts and unfriendly road conditions.  We have all recently experienced challenging commutes in our corner of the world.  
The daily safety of students makes it critical that no one drops off or picks up students in areas of the parking lot other than the official spot.   It is critical that cars stay to the perimeter of the parking lot when picking up or dropping off students.  This allows for the greatest volume of vehicles to proceed through a limited area at a time.   At 8:35 A.M. teachers need to leave the drop-off area to teach.   After 8:35 A.M.,  parents must park their cars and bring students into the building to sign students in.  Students entering the building after 8:35 A.M. are tardy.    

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