Monday, January 31, 2011

Orange Cone at Drop-Off

This morning I woke-up to hear a newscaster report the next upcoming storm will be a "Monster."    In anticipation of the new storm the Department of Public Works has several vehicles on site today at Pine Glen clearing snow out of the parking lots.   Another change that will be implemented is that we will put an orange cone outside in the morning during drop-off.    At 8:35 A.M. when teachers need to leave the drop-off area to teach a teacher will bring  the orange cone inside.   (We utilize cell phones for the most accurate and consistent time.)  Removal of the cone will be a visual signal that the time is 8:35 A.M.   After 8:35 A.M., parents must park their cars and bring students into the building to sign students in.  Students entering the building after 8:35 A.M. are tardy.   Thank you all for your assistance and support! 

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