Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bank Robbery

     I have consistently informed the community that the safety and security of the students at Pine Glen School is our number one priority.    On Wednesday, January 5, 2011 a suspect robbed Central Bank at 85 Wilmington Rd. at around 9:30 Wednesday morning.  Dr. Conti, school superintendent, was in communication with the police and it was decided as a precautionary measure that we would have a partial lockdown at Pine Glen School and Fox Hill School.   A partial lockdown means that people are not allowed to enter or leave the building.   Students do not leave the building for recess or physical education until the police inform us that the lockdown is lifted.  Students are allowed during this period to make transitions to specialists with teacher supervision, and can use the hallway restrooms.  In addition, the superintendent’s office made a ConnectEd call before and after the event to inform parents of the situation. 

     I would like to thank parents and staff for their assistance and cooperation yesterday.   It was through our great continued and consistent communication with public safety as well as the dedicated professional staff at Pine Glen School that yesterday was a safe day.   With the exception of a few announcements over the public announcement system, i.e. students would have indoor recess; high quality instruction went on like any other typical day. 

     Sometimes an event that happens in a community even though it does not directly involve a child can be frightening.  Even this morning, my daughter overheard on the news that a fire was taking place at a home in Weymouth, and she immediately became scared wondering if our home could ever catch on fire.  If your child is nervous or needs to discuss the situation, please know staff will always be available to meet with your child and discuss concerns.  In addition to your child’s teacher, Ms. May (School Guidance Counselor), Mrs. Ferrick (School Nurse), and I love to help children and are more than happy to talk with your child about the event.   The best thing a parent can do if questions are brought up is reinforce that Pine Glen School is a safe place and if they don’t feel safe there is always someone they can talk too.   

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