Friday, May 14, 2010


I want to thank the PTO for their amazing support this year. I also want to thank all the parent volunteers who came in and helped on teacher appreciation day. Our school is an amazing place thanks to PTO and their heartfelt dedication. The PTO has always come through for us this year and I want to thank them for the great work they do.

I also shared with the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day and many other days throughout the year my appreciation for their dedication too.

I recently attended MESPA (Massachusetts Elementary School Principal’s Association) conference and left with an extreme shortage of business cards. Several principals wanted to come see our school and see how we achieved in 4 months what their system has struggled to achieve for the past four years. One part of our success I explained was how we make decisions and policies based upon an unbiased, scientific research base. The other and most crucial part is making everything we do about student growth.

Listening to such nationally respected speakers as Dr. Robert Evans and Dr. Tony Wagner offering their unique perspectives on our world at MESPA was exciting. We are not going to be living in but, currently are in a “global knowledge society. The research is showing that the children currently in school have a strong sense of community, want to change the world and are incredibly technology savvy. Also, they want to use this technology to enhance and be aware of the members in their community (i.e. Facebook) and make the world a better place particularly in regards to the environment.

A novel is great when the main character is dynamic and not static. The same can be said of our school. Like a main character in a novel our community is dynamic in how the PTO, students, parents and staff come together when families require assistance or nature offers us a challenge (flooding).

Our Pine Glen Community will prepare students to live in this “global knowledge society.” In addition, we will not only educate students but develop life long learners by embracing them with empathy and care everyday. It is because of our strong community, PTO and the teachers this is possible. Together we as community will create a better tomorrow for our children.

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