Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy 40th birthday Earth Day. Since 1970 there have been explicit efforts to save and improve the environment and future of our planet. How can we celebrate? *Reduce the amount of packaging used; reuse items several times or among several people; recycle waste products at home, at work or school, and at recreation. *Look for paper and clothing recycle bins at stores, parks, churches, malls, and take discards there. *Reward each recycling behavior in a meaningful way (treats, perks, etc.)* Read books about recycling at the library or bookstores; read recycling articles online published by EPA or other credible sources. Recently National Cell Phone Recycling Week asked consumers to be mindful and turn in the old mobile devices to electronics/grocery stores, to the Board of Health at 61 Center Street, or to other sites listed on EPA website. Improper disposal of the metals in cell phones can leach into the ground and pollute drinking water. In addition, gold, silver, and copper can be recovered and reused.

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  1. I'm a part of the recycling committee


    Nadia Zaganjori
    Student RM. 214