Friday, March 12, 2010


We are very fortunate to have a very safe and secure school at Pine Glen. The staff at Pine Glen and I have as our number one priority the safety and security of the students. Therefore, we are never complacent when examining our practices. During the day we have many guests at Pine Glen School. It is of great importance that all guests go through the front door (being buzzed in by the school secretary), sign in at the office, and take a visitor badge or visitor sticker. Likewise, when guests leave the building it is also very important that they sign-out and go through the front door. Please do not enter the building through the academic wing at pick-up and drop-off. In addition, I am asking parents to never open the door to admit anyone into the building even if they know the person. The school secretary, school nurse, guidance counselor and I keep a very watchful eye as well as staff on the front door. We all care deeply about the students in the building and want to make sure that our school is safe. We have visitor stickers and/or badges that must be worn if volunteering or visiting a classroom. I greatly appreciate all the parents that help us maintain the practices and procedures we have set up with Burlington Public Safety. Public safety officials and I last summer looked closely at all our procedures to make sure that we keep all children at Pine Glen School safe.

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