Thursday, February 11, 2010

Note from Physical Education

Our 5th Grade Ice Skating Program has officially commenced and I can say it was one of the best, most well behaved, most beneficial years I have seen in a long time. In my opinion, this program is one of the most influential programs throughout my students’ education here in Burlington. That is the precise reason why Ms. Bannon, the P.E. Teacher at Memorial and I value it so highly. The program has been offered through the generosity of the Burlington Ice Palace for free for years. All we pay for is the bus.

Year after year I have watched my students, especially the ones who have never put on skates, absorb the practice of ice-skating. Whether it is Math, ELA, or Ice Skating, their minds are like sponges. The building of self confidence and self esteem during these 5 weeks I see in my students is amazing, with the hopes of forming some building blocks for a life long recreational sport. No test, meeting, or review can even attempt to measure the positive benefits of my Ice Skating Program.

Thanks especially to the Burlington Ice Palace, as well as all of our volunteers and for the support we receive from so many other.

Ms. Govoni

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  1. Thank you to Ms. Govoni for allowing Pine Glen students the opportunity to experience other learning environments beyond the classroom. Her skating program is an annual event that is looked forward to by all. Congratulations to all the students who participated with enthusiasm and had the courage to try something new. You are to be commended! Go Pine Glen!