Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drop-off and Pick-Up this Week

This morning we encountered a lot of water at drop-off. The drop-off area was flooded. In the morning we had a teacher drive her car down to examine it. The water was half way up the side of the car’s wheel. Instead of students being dropped off near the doors closest to the kindergarten classrooms; parents dropped off students at the corner of where cars exit the parking lot. A small number of students took the bus this morning. In fact, one bus arrived with only one student on board. As a result, we had an incredibly large number of cars at drop-off. I would like to thank parents for driving along the border or area of the parking lot. This way more cars could fit into the space and the drop-off process could move at a faster rate. Department of Public Works is responsible for the plowing the drop-off area of snow and slush and the parking lot drainage/sewer systems. This area extends to where you see the map of the United States on the hot top in front of the building. Given the meteorologist's forecast for additional rain this week, we will likely need to continue drop-off and pick-up at the same location as this morning. If parents could continue to line up cars along the border/area of the parking lot, this would be of great assistance with school pick-up.

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