Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Principal Notes: Kindergarten Screening

It has been wonderful and exciting to see so many future kindergarten students come in recently for the Kindergarten Screening.  I remember going through the same range of emotions two years ago with my own daughter.   I had a high level of excitement knowing she was beginning school but, also some sadness knowing she was growing up.  I am providing some information below that might answer some questions about Kindergarten Screening.

What is Kindergarten Screening?

Both the State Department of Education (603CMR28) now referred to as the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Federal Government (PL 94-142) have mandated a screening of all children entering kindergarten.  This is one step in a process to identify any special needs a child may have in learning.  It is a non-intensive scan, not a readiness test of evaluation.  The screening is designed to find those children who should be referred for an evaluation and perhaps may need extra support.

Who Does What?

You my know your child better than anyone else, so you are requested to complete a questionnaire to share your knowledge with the screening team.  Members of the Pine Glen staff, including the guidance counselor, the speech therapist, special needs teachers, school psychologist, and other staff with help conduct the screening.  Students are asked to perform tasks such as jumping, answering some shape questions and playing some games.

What Happens after the Screening?

The large majority of the children will have a good time with the various tasks.  A few children will have trouble with some of the tasks.  If your child has any problems during the screening, our school guidance counselor, Jessica May, will contact you to discuss the results and the next steps we should take.

Our goal is for your child to have a pleasant experience with the screening, and an enjoyable year in kindergarten that will result in your child wanting to be life-long learner.  Should your child have a special need, we want to identify that need so we can work as a team to provide support and instruction that will help ensure your child will have a successful kindergarten experience.  

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  1. If we missed the screening, can we do a make up?