Monday, June 20, 2011

Mona Lisa Spoof Winners

From Miss Fallon:

Gasp! She's been mustached! Students at Pine Glen School have been learning about the Mona Lisa and her creator, Leonardo da Vinci. We have been studying her smile and the many spoofs played on this famous masterpiece. Students in fourth and fifth grade created thier own Mona Lisa spoof. Students carefully developed a concept using visual inventories. They sketched out their ideas and then moved to a final draft. All entries were randomly numbered for voting purposes. Our first, second, and third graders also known as our Mona Lisa Experts cast their votes for the best spoof. The results were tallied and here are the selected winners:
5th Grade
1st Place- Andrew Buxton for Mona Lisa 5 Star General
2nd Place- Kailey Lane for Mona Lisa Leprechaun
3rd Place- Melanie Thibodeau for Mona Lisa Queen
4th  Grade
Tied for 1st Place- Nimra Mian for Mona Lisa Wizard and Owen Magnuson for Mona Lisa Boogie Fever
2nd Place- Ryan Crowe for Mona Lucic
3rd Place- Kayla Baker for Mona Lisa Hundred Dollar Bill
Our finalists recieved art supplies and- of course- fake mustaches. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Leonardo would be very proud of you all!

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