Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Principal Notes- Parent Conferences

As a parent I can identify with the butterflies the flutter in your stomach prior to a parent conference.    On the drive to my daughter’s conference thoughts kept popping up in my brain and I could hear a ding like my email icon informing me a new email had arrived.  These thoughts all had a central theme - this little girl is the most important thing in the world to me and I would do anything for her.  What assisted me most going into the conference was I thought of three simple questions: 1) How is she getting along with her peers, (2) Are you happy with her rate of progress, and (3) What can my wife and I do at home to help?  I think of a conference is an opportunity to develop a game plan with your child’s teacher.   Working together as a team will mean victory.
 An additional fun question I love to ask at parent conferences is if the teacher has any recommendations for books we could purchase for our child over the holidays.   In casual conversations with parents around this time of year I am often asked for recommendations for a great developmental toy to get children for the holidays.  I always answer a book.  I also recommend writing a dated note to your child on the first page.  Children take great delight looking at the notes parents have written them years from now. 

We have books in our home library from when my wife and I were children.  Inside those books are notes our parents wrote us.  Children are fascinated to read what grandma or grandpa wrote to mommy or daddy when they were the same age.  They also can’t believe the date (warning: you might feel a little old).   A book with a note is a gift that can open new worlds to multiple generations.  It is also one of my favorite gifts to give to nieces and nephews.  

Just like I had great confidence in my daughter’s teacher, I have tremendous confidence and respect for the excellent instruction provided to your children by the teachers at Pine Glen.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your wonderful children.   

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  1. I am a principal, when parents come into my office i mostly get questions like these. So i believe that this is a great way of interacting inside of the parent-principal meeting