Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Principal Notes Happy Thanksgiving

My family like yours will take part in many traditions on Thanksgiving.   Football, great food, and spending time with family are not only great traditions but a few of my favorite things.   One tradition my family has during Thanksgiving is to go around the dinner table and say what we are most thankful for over the course of the year.   In anticipation of the event I was thinking of what to say on the drive into school today.

What I am most thankful for this year is children and life.   Two events in my life this year have shaped my feelings to make think this way.   My two-year old daughter has severe allergies.  She has learned what foods to not touch or eat well as ask before given food if it will make her sick.   My wife and I have to have epi-pens available to us at all times and will need to leave one with her at all times, for example,  a play date.     

Last year my sister’s family and our entire extended family were delighted to welcome a new baby girl.  The baby came much sooner then expected and was born at 24 weeks.   This beautiful baby girl, in the words of the doctors in Boston, is a miracle.   She requires a lot of attention and has the most beautiful smile.   I also think she has the best godfather in the world.

What my niece and daughter have taught me is that life is very fragile and delicate.    It is also exciting.   Much like an artist starts with clay and makes a sculpture we as parents have the opportunity to empower our children and help mold them as they grow.  I have two daughters, two nieces, and three nephews and I would not miss it for the world to have the opportunity to see them grow.   I have dedicated my entire professional career to helping children and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the world.   It is why I truly love my career.

Please make sure to tell your children, nieces and nephews how thankful you are for them during Thanksgiving dinner.   Children benefit so much hearing from family members that someone cares about them.   

I hope everyone has a great long weekend.   Best of luck to Burlington football team in the their game versus Lexington.   Most importantly, on behalf of the entire staff at Pine Glen School, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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