Friday, September 17, 2010

Student Empowerment

At the end of every week at Pine Glen School I drive home and think about what an exciting place the school is.   I interact with terrific students, talk to dedicated parents and work with amazing teachers.   This week I greatly enjoyed holding lobsters, spider crabs and hermit crabs with the fifth graders at Camp Bournedale.  I also talked to committed parents who volunteered their time to chaperon at Camp Bournedale (Thank you very much!).  On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to hear Angela Maiers speak and was captivated at the opportunities teachers have to instruct students with new tools.  

What makes Pine Glen great every week is its spectacular learning environment. Students are empowered to take intellectual risks.  Pine Glen has been very proactive in promoting student empowerment.   A lot of the new legislation at the state level emphasizes what we have and are presently doing.   This legislation has reinforced the great work currently being done with empowerment programs such as Second Step, Responsive Classroom, DARE and the great communication I have between with  resource police officer.

There are many ways that parents have helped in the empowerment of their children.  Parents have made sure their children are spending enough time studying and reading at home.   Also, parents have regulated the content and amount of time their children watch television and play video games.   A high degree of encouragement from family, relatives and friends is likewise another terrific means that has helped to promote empowerment.  Proper sleep, exercise and nutrition have a direct impact on how much a student is capable of learning.   I consistently am informed by students how much they enjoy the wonderful youth sports programs.    

Our top priority at Pine Glen is a safe environment where students make academic progress and become life long learners.   We have a strong learning community that cares deeply about each and every child.   I look forward to the upcoming months and the learning our empowered students will achieve.  

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