Thursday, January 14, 2010

Note from the School Nurse and Principal

We have recently had one confirmed case of head lice in the building. Burlington Public Schools Head Lice Protocol is posted below and it can also be located under the Burlington Public Schools website -- go to Pupil Services.

Burlington Public Schools
No-Nit Pediculosis
(Head Lice Protocol)

The School Nurses will:

• inform parents of students in the same classroom of a positive pediculosis case, when there are 2 or more cases of head lice in the student's classroom.

• inspect the heads of students in a classroom that has 2 or more identified cases of head lice.

• notify the parent/guardian once a student has been identified as having an active infestation of head lice at school.

• give parents/guardians information regarding standard treatment and follow-up procedures and encourage parents to contact their physician/pharmacist for further questions or information. The parent should pick the student up from school to allow the school nurse to show the parent the evidence of infestation, and at the same time, provide assurance and guidance. The student will be dismissed from school.

• identify siblings attending other Burlington Schools, and immediately notify that School Nurse to asses those siblings for head lice. Also, if a student is positive with a case of pediculosis, any after school programs they attend will be notified.

• follow-up the day after treatment by checking the student's head to assure that proper practices were used for treatment of head lice in the presence of the parent. The parent brings the student to school to meet with the school nurse for the follow-up evaluation. If it is determined that the child still has an active infestation, the school nurse will dismiss the student from school.

• provide additional instruction to the parent on standard head lice management, treatment, and follow-up. Continued follow-up and assurance will be given to the family.

• provide privacy and confidentiality when dealing with head lice issues.

Click here for up-to-date information in the control of head lice

A recent article in Medical News Today Dermatology News, “What Are Head Lice? What Are Nits?” shares some good information on this topic. The article can be found at the following web page:

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