Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Innovation/Exploratory/Creativity Day 2016

Students at Pine Glen Elementary School participated in our annual Innovation/Exploratory/Creativity Day. Students engaged in learning activities that required their higher order thinking and collaborative problem solving skills. Some students worked with students across different grade levels. Students loved the day.

In the following pictures you can see just a few of the many examples of student learning taking place at Pine Glen. In one picture you can see second graders using paper mache to construct globes to study geography. Also, Fourth grade students in Ms. Merlino's class working with kindergarten students in Mrs. Hoyt's class to do a Jan Brett author study and examine animal adaptations. Students learned first hand how animal fat helps polar bears live in an Arctic habitat. In addition, fifth grade students working with their teachers and our art teacher, Ms. Fallon, studying the Winter Solstice and three dimensional shapes relating to items such as snowflakes. Also viable is Mrs. Visocchi's fourth grade class teaming up with kindergarten students from Mrs. Hoyt's class to study gingerbread people across different genres of literature.

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