Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Burlington Science Center - "Our Trash, Our Choices"

Dear Families,
Bringing up our children to take good care of our Earth is a goal all of us share. The Science Center aims to support those efforts through our show, “Our Trash, Our Choices” to be shared with Pine Glen students next week​. During the show students will participate in a “trash audit” of the school’s cafeteria waste and learn how sorting their waste and making thoughtful choices can reduce the amount of trash that goes to our landfills everyday​.
During the show, students will be challenged with reducing the amount of trash and food waste they produce over the next school week​.​ Many ideas will be shared. You can support your child and school’s efforts to reduce their waste by:
● Using reusable bags and containers.
● Limiting the amount of snacks that use disposable packaging (think fewer wrapped bars and more fruits and veggies!)
● Sending appropriate portions of food to school.
In addition, we encourage you to have conversations with your kids about ways to reduce your waste at home! Your child may ask you what things your family reuses or recycles​.​ You can talk about hand-me-down clothing/toys, ways you might recycle plastic bags at the grocery store or as pet waste containers, and how you might save leftovers for a next-day meal​. All of these actions will speak louder than words alone​.​ For more ways to participate and engage in the recycling and conservation conversation, look to the Burlington Science Center’s website this week for more ideas and resources to share with your children, family and friends​.​ Thank you for being a part of this special experience for your child​.
The Burlington Science Center ​