Thursday, October 17, 2013

RTI Best Practice Conference

I just returned to school today from the 7th Annual RTI Best Practices Institute which was held in North Carolina. The elementary school principals were presenters at the conference.

Included in this picture are the Burlington Elementary School Principals. Also included in the picture are fellow presenters and school psychologists Dr. Tom Jenkins (far left) and UMass Professor, Dr. Scott Methe (far right). Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Methe both work with the Burlington Public Schools to ensure we are using the most current and best researched/evidence based practices with students.

There is a good chance your children might have seen Dr. Methe doing walk throughs with me in your child's classroom. One of the items Dr. Methe is working with us specifically on is math. Dr. Mehte has told me repeatedly how we have great teachers and staff at Pine Glen Elementary School.

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