Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letter from Pearson (Publisher of enVisionMath)

Dear Parents,

Recently, more than 40 states in the United States have developed and adopted a
common set of academic standards in mathematics. These standards, called the
Common Core State Standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school
administrators, and mathematics and education experts under the auspices of the
bipartisan National Governors’ Association and the Council for Chief State School
Officers (CCSSO).

These standards will serve as important benchmarks to ensure that all students are
receiving high quality education and are well prepared for success in postsecondary
education and the workforce. Students will be assessed on a regular basis throughout
their school career to monitor their progress towards meeting these benchmarks.

As individual states have adopted these new standards, they have committed to a
shared grade-by-grade sequence of topics to be taught. For many states, this requires
a shift in the instructional materials used, to match both the content skills and the
mathematical understandings contained in the Common Core State Standards.

Your child’s school is using enVisionMATH® Common Core edition ©2012 as their math
program. This program was specially developed to provide comprehensive coverage
of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Take a look through your
child’s math textbook/workbook and you’ll notice that each lesson specifically targets
one or more of the content standards (shown just below the lesson number).

You’ll also notice that many of the exercises in the lessons have a red logo next to
them. These exercises highlight opportunities for your child to develop particular
mathematical skills and habits of mind that are part of the Common Core State
Standards. Called Standards for Mathematical Practices, these standards describe
practices and abilities of very good math thinkers. You can help your child develop
these abilities by encouraging them to think about the questions found on the back of
this letter.

Pearson is committed to providing quality instructional materials that can help all
students achieve mastery of the Common Core State Standards and be well prepared
for success after high school. We hope that your child has a successful and rewarding
year in the study of mathematics!

Save the date- We will be having a presentation for parents on October 23rd about
enVisionMATH® Common Core edition ©2012. Time and location TBD.

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