Friday, October 12, 2012

TED Talk on ST Math

This year we are piloting with some students a math program that teaches math concepts with visuals alone.  ST Math instructional software is a research-proven, comprehensive, grade-level math program that is align to the Common Core.  Spatial- Temporal (ST) reasoning is the innate ability to visualize and manipulate images through a sequence of steps in space and time.  Through visual learning each student can problem solve and formulate mathematical understanding.  It is a self-paced learning program that engages students who struggle to learn with traditional materials and methods.  It also extends the learning  for others with challenging activities.

The program is designed to complement our core program -Investigations.  If your child is part of the pilot he or she will be using ST Math for about 60 minutes a week this school year.  You may hear your child talk about JiJi, the penguin,  Jiji is part of ST Math.

We are very excited and fortunate to have ST Math in our classroom!

A TED Presentation is posted below to learn more about the program or please go to

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