Friday, September 28, 2012

Common Core

On my Blog in the lower right hand corner under the category Favorite Links and Great Parent Resources is a link to the Common Core.   Forty five states and three U.S. territories have adopted the Common Core Curriculum.   Massachusetts was one of the states that adopted the Common Core.  

The Progress Reports sent home last year in our pilot year and being sent home this year again to parents are aligned with the National Common Core Curriculum.   The Common Core Standards outline knowledge and skills that students will learn in school.  


  1. What are the specific measures that will be used for each of the kids? Would it be possible to know which parts of the Common Core will be used? Basically what are the measure in each area such as Math and Science? Is there a direct link that provides these details (for each of the parents to better understand common cores)?
    Thank you

    1. The Progress Report Cards that are sent home three times a school year show student's progress in relation to the Common Core Standards.

      The standards were written on the Progress Report Cards in a manner in which it would be easy to read. Staff across the district at Curriculum Councils took language from the Common Core Standards and paraphrased the standards for the Progress Report Cards. This way the Progress Report Card would be a link to the Common Core for all standards including math.

      Currently, there is not a Common Core for elementary science and social studies. As a result, the district is continuing to follow the Massachusetts State Frameworks.