Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pine Glen School in the Boston Globe

If you happen to read the Boston Globe today on page B5 (The Business Section), you might see some familiar faces.  Yesterday the Boston Globe reporter Hiawatha Bray visited Pine Glen School which he referred to in the article as an "Unusually tech-savvy K-5 school."   The reporter and photographer were very impressed and had a great time talking to students about the ways in which iPads and apps are utilized to provide great instruction.  Dan Callahan our technology integration specialist was sought out by the reporter to do this article.   The reporter was looking for information on apps that are great for children and discovered one of the best resources on great educational apps was Mr. Callahan.  If you go to and have a subscription to Boston, you can read the article and see the pictures.  The article is also available at which does not include the pictures.

Mr. Callahan and Mrs. D'Elia (librarian) our Library and Technology Team have an amazing blog page at which I frequently check for professional information and ideas to use as a parent.   It is my number one resource to check for apps.

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