Monday, March 5, 2012

MAAV Presentation to Students

Alice Wadley, M.Ed. from the Melrose Alliance Against Violence (MAAV), a well-respected non-profit agency founded in 1995, spoke to students during different grade level assemblies last week.

Her presentation was titled “Just One”: Empowering Bystanders to Stop Bullying. The focus was on how “Just one” action by “Just one” person can make a significant difference in stopping or countering the damaging effects of bullying.

Topics addressed included:

• Empowering students to take action by knowing what to do when they witness other students engaged in acts of bullying or retaliation, including seeking adult assistance

• Helping students understand the dynamics of bullying and cyber-bullying

• Emphasizing cyber-safety

• Engaging students in a safe, supportive school environment that is respectful of diversity

• Enhancing students’ skills for engaging in healthy relationships and respectful communications and difference

A “Just One” wristband was given to each participant to reinforce the message of the program, prompt conversations at home, and serve as a reminder from teachers and faculty beyond the presentation.

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