Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bus Route, Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Burlington Public Schools

February 15, 2012

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank everyone for their continued cooperation and assistance at car pick-up and drop-off. More than ever, Pine Glen children are being dropped-off and picked-up by car in the morning and afternoon. More vehicles create a longer wait for all who happen to be in line. It has come to my attention from staff and parents that our procedures could benefit from some additional structure. Therefore, we will be incorporating some new steps into the process to increase student safety. Safety is the number one priority at Pine Glen School and we are always thankful to the Burlington Police and Fire departments for their expertise and assistance. Likewise, we want to get your child into school on time and we want you to be able to get to work on time.

The bus company shares similar concerns. The bus company has looked at ways of streamlining routes. The afternoon stops for Bus 12 will be done in a slightly different order. The Skelton Road area will be getting dropped-off at the beginning of the route. This will result in these students getting to their bus stops a bit earlier. Please be mindful of these changes and adjusting the time you are at stops waiting for your children. This change will be begin the afternoon of February 27th, the Monday we are back from February Vacation. If you have additional questions related to the bus stops, the phone number for A & F Bus Co., Inc. is (978) 663-8145.

We will be sending home two red laminated cards this week, which will have your family’s last name on them. When parents come to pick up students beginning February 27th (Monday after vacation), the cards will need to be put in the left hand corner on the driver’s dash or be hung from the driver’s side visor. (An elastic band could go around the card to attach it to the visor so you can simply lower the visor) Staff on duty will only let a student leave with their parents following this procedure. If a car does not have the red card, the driver will need to come to the office and show identification before leaving with the student.

If a student is going to be picked-up by another Pine Glen family (i.e. play-date, carpool), please continue to send in a note to the child's teacher. The student will be dismissed with the designated family at the pick-up line, with a note from the office.

We are also asking that students leave and enter vehicles on the driver’s side. Students are not to be outside parents’ vehicles for any reason other than to leave or enter the building. Teachers are on duty at 7:55 AM; students are not to be dropped off prior to this time and left unsupervised.

Students that walk to school should not walk through the parking lot. If students are walking, please wait for your child at the outdoor stairs leading up to the United States map and do not crowd the door.

Other current procedures are posted below.

A.M. Drop-Off is (7:55 – 8:10 am), PM pick-up begins at 2:15 pm

· Do not pass school buses while they are discharging students. By state law, buses may never be passed if their lights are flashing.

· Vehicles should be in the park gear while students are entering and exiting the vehicle.

· Keep the car speed under 5 mph in the school yard. Do not get out of line to go around or pass cars in front of you. Stay in the single line.

· Do not text while operating your vehicle.

· Please do not talk on the cell phone while in the pick-up and drop-off line.

· All vehicles should proceed through the parking lot and enter the horseshoe path in front of the side academic wing of the building.

· Only allow children to exit on the driver side of the vehicle.

· Train your children to be ready to exit by the time you enter the school-yard. Teach them to be independent about getting out of the car seats and seatbelts.

· Messages and goodbyes should be taken care of in the car en route to prevent backup in the drop-off line.

· The drop-off/pick-up procedure is not to take place at other locations other than the designated area.

· Parents leaving their vehicles and walking students in to “by-pass” this procedure will be asked by staff to return to their vehicles and follow the procedure.

· If parents need to enter the school with a student in the morning or afternoon during dismissal/pick-up for a related medical reason or educational purpose (to carry in a special project, provide medicine to the school nurse, etc), you must park your car in the parking lot and enter through the school’s front main entrance.

· Under no circumstances should children be crossing the traffic line between the lot and the school without an adult.

· After 8:10 am, once staff on duty goes inside, parents need to park their cars in the front lot and must walk their children to the main office. For example, if bringing a student back from an appointment at 11:35 am that student cannot be dropped-off in the parking lot to walk in by him or herself. They need to be accompanied by an adult who will sign them in at the office.

· Students have finished the school day once they have left the building unless staying for a school-sponsored event (i.e. homework club, math club, music concert, etc). We cannot allow students (accompanied by a parent) back into the building to collect items they have forgotten.

For the safety of everyone – children, parents, and staff members – please follow these very important guidelines. Staff on duty will offer reminders to parents if they need additional guidance in how to follow these guidelines. I will send home a letter if after a reminder from staff this continues to require more explanation of the guidelines. A corresponding copy of this letter will be sent to the appropriate personnel that could also help with enforcement of these guidelines. Public Safety (Burlington Police and Fire) and the Pine Glen Staff greatly appreciate your past and future assistance with the beginning and end of the school day.


John Lyons


Pine Glen School

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