Monday, December 12, 2011

Note from Yearbook Committee

Dear 5th Grade Parents...

Thank you to all who have been able to submit candid pictures for the 5th grade yearbook. We are still collecting pictures and are a long way from finishing. We understand that it is a busy time of year for all, but would appreciate any pictures you can submit prior to the holiday break. If you are unable to do so before the break, maybe there will be some time during the break for you go down memory lane and collect pictures to submit during/after the break.

At this point, we will collect any and all pictures you may have from their K-5 years at school events:
~ Small group photos will work best - please send in pictures with 2 or more kids and/or teachers in each photo.
~ School events can include any and all Field Trips (ie - Kindergarten Swan Boats, 1st Grade Tide Pool, 3rd Grade Duck Boats, 5th Grade Camp Bournedale), Classroom Parties, Halloween, Turkey Trot, Holiday Concerts, Special Assemblies, Special Projects (ie - 3rd Grade Famous Massachusetts Person, 4th Grade Rocket Day and Invention Convention), Field Day, Lunch and Recess...
~ REMINDER: Have your cameras ready for the upcoming Winter Concert on Tuesday night (the 13th).
We can accept any of the following formats for pictures:
~ Email your photos as attachments to:
If emailing your photos, please be sure to include the names of the kids and grade in the Subject line. There is no need to type a message.
~ Flash Drive
~ CD
~ 4x6 prints (please keep to a minimum)
If sending in any prints, CDs or Flash Drives to school, please mark them as "5th Grade Yearbook" and have your child give the envelope to his/her teacher. All pictures, CDs, and/or Flash Drives will be returned. Please be sure to include your child's name on any item to be returned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Thank you again for all your help.
Pine Glen Yearbook Committee
~Dina Accardi
~Katie Capobianco
~Lisa Crowe
~Kristen Downie
~Marie Grinnell
~Lisa MacNeil
~Maria Woods

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