Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Principal Notes Delayed Start

I am sure children throughout the Northeast of the United States will remember Halloween 2011. I know I will not forget it.

My family (like I am sure many others) lost power for a significant amount of time. We lost power Saturday night around 7:30 and did not get it back until Monday night around 8:00 pm. Like many of you I heard the disappointment from my children at the thought of not being able to go Trick or Treating on Halloween Night. It must be heart breaking for children to think they cannot dress up as a favorite character as they have planned and looked forward to for months. (Like Burlington, the town I live in has also rescheduled Trick or Treating.)

I am sure parents were very eager to bring students to Pine Glen this morning. Pine Glen’s official start time for school is 8:10 P.M. This means that a two-hour delay would result with a start time of 10:10 P.M. Please note this time in the instance we have another delayed start.

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