Monday, April 25, 2011

Toys at School

I loved playing with toys as a child and continue to enjoy playing with toys with my children.  Toys are wonderful and play an important role in children’s development.  In fact, many school manipulatives particularly in math resemble toys but are referred to as tools. 

Please make sure to have children keep their toys at home.  This is particularly true for Pokemon cards, Silly Bandz, small connecting building blocks, dolls, and action figures etc.  This likewise holds true for not bringing in electronic devices like mp3 players, cell phones, cameras, and video recording devices.  I would particularly stress keeping toys at home that incorporate trading, i.e. Pokemon Cards and Silly Bandz, which can often lead to disputes.  Any electronic devices or toys found during the school day (recess) and on the school bus will be confiscated.  Play-dates after school are an appropriate time for students to come together and play with toys. 

Thank you for helping to support our teacher’s efforts to provide instruction free of distractions.

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