Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation is holding a fundraiser sponsored by Morandi’s Barbershop and Marini Chiropractic.  Purchase a live Christmas tree or wreath, decorate in your own style and display on the town common (electricity provided). If you buy a tree from the Lions Club they will deliver it free.  Place your name, business or In Memory of on a plaque. Cost $100 to display tree or $50 to hang wreath.  For more information call Joe @ 781-272-9826, Dave @ 781-229-6333 or Pat @ 781-270-1624.  Forms can also be picked up at the main office of all schools.  Proceeds to benefit the scholarship foundation.  Deadline November 23, 2010

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  1. Just as a reminder to those choosing to purchase a tree or wreath you will be participating in an activity that explicitly violates the separation of church and state. Christmas trees and wreaths while perhaps originally a pagan ritual now are perceived as explicitly Christian symbols, particularly to those of us who are not of the Christian faith.