Friday, April 30, 2010

Fine Arts and Technology Night

Before we began the Fine Arts/Technology Night this past Wednesday night, I was humming the beat to the Black Eyed Peas Song “I Gotta Feeling.” The students had been practicing their songs on instruments, working hard on all their art projects, finishing up computer assignments, rehearsing the percussion and singing performances. I had a tremendous sense of pride in all the work I saw presented by the students. In addition, we are so fortunate to have very talented, strong instructional teachers in the fine arts. Ms. Fallon, Mrs. Agati, Mrs. Rzasa, Mr. Napierkowski and I constantly have conversations. We frequently talk about promoting the development of fine/gross motor, problem solving skills, phonemic awareness, and high-order thinking skills through their instruction. I consistently read in professional journals how the way in which our students will compete in a “world is flat” or global economy is through their creativity, high-order thinking skills and ability to problem solve. It was great to witness students demonstrating these skills Wednesday night as a Pine Glen Community.

I would like to thank the Burlington Education Foundation for the funds to help us have Jeremy Cohen, our artist in residence, who added so much to our music program with his African Drums. I would also like to thank Mrs. Canfield for the high quality computer work the students produced and displayed that night.

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