Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Note from Physical Education Department

Scoliosis Testing

To Parents/Guardians of 5th Grade Students,

The Burlington Public Schools will be doing an annual Postural Screening starting the first of the New Year.

The purpose of this is to find early signs of possible spinal problems in children in grades 5 – 9. It is not a diagnostic service, but a program to identify young people who should have a further medical evaluation.

If your child has any unusual findings, you will be notified and asked to take the child to a physician as a precaution. The majority of students exhibit no findings. If nothing is found, we will NOT be contacting you again till the screening next year.

Female children are asked to either bring a ONE OR TWO PIECE SWIMSUIT, to school the day of the screening or to wear it under their regular clothes. This type of clothing permits a more accurate observation of the back.

The exact date of the screening is below.

If you have any questions, please give Mrs. Ferrick or me a call at:

Mrs. Ferrick-—781-270-1713
Ms. Govoni----781-273-7037


Ms. Govoni

Room # 209—-Ms. Marcus ---------Monday JAN 4th
Room # 215—-Mrs. Fitzpatrick----Monday JAN 4th
Room # 208—-Mrs. Beaulieu-------Tuesday JAN 5th
Room # 109—-Mrs. Theirrien------Wednesday JAN 6th


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